Google in retail 2016

Graphic design, art direction, retail

In 2016, Google launched their own hardware brand, including the Google Pixel and the Google Home. Previously, Google had focused mainly on software and partnered with third parties to occasionally create one-off devices. Moving forward, Google wanted to present a single, cohesive vision for its own hardware ecosystem. Alongside many other design teams, I helped explore visuals to understand what a premium Google brand might look like. I mainly focused on developing the artwork for Google Pixel.

I collaborated with an agency to interpret those exploratory visuals for retail environments and build a collection of design templates. Retailers and partners around the world use these templates to execute fixture displays, window signage, online banners, and more. In 2016, Google products retailed in around 10,000 doors, across 6 countries, in 4 unique languages.

Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google.

I focused heavily on the development and refinement of the Google Pixel artwork. I worked on many iterations for the logo and wallpaper, and provided art direction for the wallpaper and photo retouching. I also pored through hundreds of images to help select potential wallpapers, including this Google Earth satellite image. My selection became the wallpaper featured in all retail executions.

PC: AP/Eric Risberg

The 2016 Retail Launch

In addition to the Pixel, Google’s 2016 lineup included five other products. Based on the Pixel creative above, our agency partners designed launch artwork for the remainder of the hardware family.

With the guidance of our agency partners, I worked on expanding the artwork into a collection of templates, which were localized and distributed to retailers and partners around the world. Retailers have lots of customer touchpoints, including windows, fixtures, table cards, online banners, branded websites, and product detail pages. All these touchpoints need to appear consistent, relevant, and on brand--across all retailers. Our templates cover the breadth of the in-store and online retail experiences, allowing a kiosk in India to have the same branding as a telecom in Canada.

I contributed graphic design and production work throughout this process. Here are various examples of templates. You can see the visual consistency across touchpoints, products, and localizations.

In the field

My work in action around the world.

Near my local grocery store :)