Graphic design, retouching, PR

The PR team at Minted reached out to many lifestyle publications and influencers for placements and collaborations. I designed catalogs, promotional gifts, and imagery to share with our partners.

The content I worked on was distributed to publications including Oprah Magazine, Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, InStyle, and Vanity Fair.


The PR team reached out to lifestyle bloggers and magazines to suggest Minted’s products for their editorials. I created bespoke digital catalogs featuring merchandise organized around specific themes, trends, and seasonal events to share with our partners.
Here’s a selection of catalogs. Click to enlarge.

Process: select pages

Our merchandisers and PR director determined the product and stories that we wanted to share with our partners. Then, I chose imagery from Minted’s existing library that would best feature the products and stories. I worked on the layout, photo editing, and design of all the pages.

Many images only needed minor edits for layout and typesetting, like the cover to the left. Others, like the tablescape below, are digitally composed from pre-shot props and blanks, which means that I had the opportunity to style the table as well.

For smaller catalogs, I also worked on developing the themes, selecting merchandise, and writing copy.

For a holiday party themed catalog, I decided to feature coordinating menus, table cards, and table linens. I had fun picking out the products as well!

PR also shared content that featured Minted’s crowdsourced design community. The DIY catalog shares craft projects created by bloggers that incorporate Minted’s fabric products.

These pages are from a catalog created for a magazine’s 2015 Men’s Gift Guide. These pages were a fun challenge because of the different target audience.

Other content

In addition to catalogs, I also worked on a variety of promotional items for the PR team.

Blogger Cards

These cards accompanied holiday press kits that were sent to lifestyle bloggers.

Custom Luxury Art Samples

When Minted launched custom silhouettes and maps, I created these illustrations to show off the new product line to interested publications. Montauk and Jamaica are shown in gold foil, and the puppy silhouette is shown in letterpress.

Notable Press Hits Minted’s "Your Drawing as an Art Print" in foil-press was featured as one of Oprah’s favorite things in 2015. I didn’t create the illustration, but I did work on the file that was sent to press!!

Punch Hutton Instagram: The PR team sent personalized foil and letterpressed silhouettes to Punch Hutton, Vanity Fair’s deputy editor in 2015. I created the silhouette of Punch Hutton (rose gold foil, top left). Another designer illustrated her kids (neon pink and light blue letterpress).