Triple Rock Brewery

Graphic design, packaging, illustration

The Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley was close to my apartment in college, and introduced me to craft beer. I thought it’d be fun to make a series of beer labels for them. Their website features a story about the founders, who chose the name “Triple Rock” to describe a brewpub that was solid and reliable. I was also inspired by Berkeley’s diversity, and the vintage style of the pub’s interiors. I decided to create labels based on vintage travel postcards, featuring monumental rock formations from around the world.

All illustrations and layouts are mine.


My photo from the Grand Canyon. Triple Rock had doodles for their taps, and the one for the IPAX ale was a pyramid. Since its a West Coast IPA, I thought that these “West Coast pyramids” would be appropriate.

In Photoshop, I painted over the photo, trying to reduce the craggy form of the rock into simpler, fewer shapes, and filling in the foreground. I initially meant to use this for the Dragon's Milk Brown Ale, and had a dragon sitting on the rock. It seemed like overkill, so I scrapped it.

A few iterations. I tried many different levels of detail, lighting, color palettes, and compositions. I use Illustrator's blend tool to create ranges of swatches.
Trying out different typefaces and lockups


Work in progress, from sketches and paintings to vectors. I used a script to get the initial colors and gradually refined them as I simplified the shapes.
My source photos. I relied on the top image for the colors, and the bottom one for values.
Trying out different typefaces. Initially, I wasn't sure that I wanted the typefaces on the labels to match, but I ended up being drawn to Aleo's versatility.

Beer names and back label descriptions are from a couple years ago.
Not sure if they still serve these brews :)